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Fostering cats and kittens tips

Thank you for making me sociable
Karla Kirby

Fostering cats and kittens has its pleasures as well as its problems. As a foster “parent”, you gave a very important role in the life of the feline and this job should be taken seriously.

This important decision will also affect your whole household, and should not be embarked on unless you have studied the position seriously and completely... You will likely be asked the following questions if you are a volunteer for a cat rescue group, so read on.

Be sure you can afford fostering a cat or kitten. Unless you work with a cat rescue organization which provides the necessities, you'll likely have the cost of all the supplies which go along with kittens such as bottles & formula, litter boxes, kitten food, a bed and/or a containing pen, scratching post, treats, and toys. You may also be required to pay for their shots and spay/neutering.

Only you know how well your other cats will accept new cats into their household. For that rationale alone, it is always a good practice to keep the litter of kittens, along with the mother cat--if she came with the package--in a safe room until the time comes for incorporation. Your own commonsensical judgment should guide you, predominantly with alpha cats who are unaccustomed to kittens, and may consider them pests or threats. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your current cats, it may be better to just volunteer at a shelter.

Make sure you are physically and emotionally prepared. For example, you should have enough room in your home for an active litter of kittens to be at ease, yet out of harm's way. You need to have the physical staying power to tend to their physical needs, which may take in bottle-feeding newborns around the clock. Finally, though kittens can provide entertainment, love, pleasure and delight, they also bring with them difficult tasks and sometimes sadness. Kittens do expire occasionally, through no fault of your own. Also, the inevitable time will come when the kittens will be ready for new homes, and you'll have to say goodbye to your furry, feline friend.

If you can answer, “yes, certainly,” to all of the above considerations, head over to your local shelter without a moment’s delay. Cats and kittens are waiting for your magic, loving touch.

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