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Foster the People shows 'Coming of Age' moments in '80s-style music video

Indie pop group Foster the People premiered the music video for "Coming of Age" on Thursday via Twitter. In the '80s-inspired clip, the band goes back to high school for some teenage milestone moments.

Foster the People
Foster the People

"Coming of Age" is the lead single from Foster the People's upcoming album, Supermodel. Mark Foster and company released the feel good track last month. "Feels like it's a coming of age," Foster sings over Beach Boys-like sounds.

The '80-styled music video for "Coming of Age" features many moments that live up the the song's title. Foster the People play the track in hazy shots as high school-aged kids overcome the odds and reach milestones in their lives. One guy takes a plunge into a lake while another works up the courage to get the girl he likes. It's a fittingly vibrant clip full of teenage dreams becoming a reality.

Foster the People's album, Supermodel, will be released on Mar. 14.