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Foster the People announce new album, stream 'Coming of Age'

Foster the People are set to release their second studio album March 18 via Columbia Records. Announced today, "Supermodel," will feature 12 tracks, including its first single "Coming of Age." "Coming of Age" can be streamed here.

Foster the People-Supermodel
Foster the People

The L.A. based trio broke through in 2011 with their grammy-nominated debut "Torches," which produced the hit "Pumped Up Kicks."

"I went into it wanting to do something more organic and human, because the first record was so electronic and synthetic – in a cool way, I'm not putting it down, that's just what it was," frontman Mark Foster said to Rolling Stone last year. "So this record, I wanted to make something more human and let the songs breathe and grow and turn and take left turns and not come back if they want to."

The record was recorded in Morocco, Los Angeles and London. The band will play the popular music festival Coachella in April and are expected to announce more tour dates soon.

"It's not the record that people are gonna expect us to release second," Foster said. "It's definitely an evolution for us, and it's a more polarizing record for us, so I'm excited to see how it's received, for better or worse."

"Supermodel" tracklist:

1. "Are You What You Want to Be"
2. "Ask Yourself"
3. "Coming of Age"
4. "Nevermind"
5. "Pseudologia Fantastica"
6. "The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones"
7. "Best Friend"
8. "A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon"
9. "Goats in Trees"
10. "The Truth"
11. "Fire Escape"
12. "Tabloid Super Junky"

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