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Foster Farms chicken processing plant reopened after cockroach infestation

Foster Farms is no stranger to salmonella
Foster Farms is no stranger to salmonella

Foster Farms was found to have an infestation of live cockroaches in the plant for five straight months and was shut down 10 days ago to eradicate the pests. Three other plants owned by Foster Farms were also examined by the FDA due to the discovery of salmonella in the chicken. One of the outbreaks had infected up to 430 people with salmonella.

Foster Farms has stated that "the most effective treatment protocols" have been used and that there is no further risk of the infestation occurring again. The plant called its employees back to work, but issued no recalls of processed chicken as the infestation was seen as over.

Salmonella and otherwise contaminated products have made their way into the market multiple times in the last few years from processed meat to peanut butter. When known bacteria are present in foods placed on the shelves, a recall is required. In this case regarding cockroach infestation there is no known threat thus far and no recall is planned.