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Foster fail Friday, edition #9: Motts/Bernie

Motts now known as Bernie happy in his forever home!
Motts now known as Bernie happy in his forever home!
Michele Rotter-Doran

Foster fail: A term of endearment within the rescue community; the foster parent can’t imagine their lives without their foster animal, and adopt the animal themselves.

Motts aka Bernie is home
Michele Rotter-Doran

With three pets already, Michele and her husband Bob were adamant that a fourth pet was not even an option.

It was a balmy Saturday afternoon in April when Michele and Bob spotted an Angels Among Us Pet Rescue adoption event just across the street from the restaurant where they were soon to eat lunch. Michele dragged Bob with her to observe – just to take a quick gander – at some of the dogs available for adoption.

“We passed a large male dog,” Michele recalls, “and his handler said that he was the sweetest boy. My husband, who usually prefers female dogs, petted and played with the dog for a while. And then the handler told us his story…”

Motts was the dog’s name. He was a three-year-old, unique Brindle-colored mix; possibly Shar Pei. He had been rescued at the very brink of death. Just minutes before he was to be euthanized at the shelter, an Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteer had passed his cage and decided she wasn’t going to leave without the gorgeous dog.

Upon a trip to the veterinarian, it was discovered Motts had a severe upper respiratory infection. He began treatment and his healing was quick, but he didn’t have a foster home to retreat to.

“We thanked his handler for the information, petted some other dogs while speaking with volunteers, and then left for lunch,” Michele says, and then with a smile, “I was one bite into my sandwich when my husband told me to go back to the event and offer to foster Motts.”

They brought Motts home with them, and within 24 hours the newly-appointed fosters had foster failed with the large, lovable canine.

“He is without a doubt the most loving, kind big guy, and we know that he knows he was saved that day.”

Michele says this about her experience in pet rescue: "We got involved with Angels Among Us and live the day to day heartbreaks we see occurring in shelters. There are so many adoptable dogs dying every day. While we have adopted from rescues in the past, we did get one of our labs from a breeder. Thinking back on it now - I wouldn't do it again (however, we do adore her). While the conditions were not as horrible as I have seen, they also weren't ideal. Kennels of dogs with no real human interaction, living solely for the purpose of breeding, then tossed away when they are no longer 'useful', etc. Knowing what we do, seeing what we see, rescue is the only alternative for us. When we look at one of our two foster failures, knowing that he was scheduled to die minutes before he was rescued, we cringe at the thought of his fate had he not been rescued. He is absolutely perfect."

Most foster fails are a gift that foster parents never see coming. It could happen to you, too! Involve yourself in your local rescue today, and discover the absolute joys that come with fostering a rescue dog.

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