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Foster coordinator pleads for help for senior pointer whose time has run out

Cumberland County SPCA

Update 8/22/14: Someone forwarded this article to Senior Dog Haven and Hospice and they are saving Hamburger!

Hamburger, an elderly pointer mix, is at an age where he should be contemplating nothing more complicated than where to rest his tired paws for the afternoon. Unfortunately, the ten to 14-year-old dog is not only without a home, but he has run out of time to find one.

Hamburger is at the Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, N.J., and his stray hold time has expired - he is considered to be "urgent."

On Monday, the foster care coordinator for the facility wrote:

Hamburger's stray hold is EXPIRED and he desperately needs a foster home or rescue to help him! An elderly dog in his condition should NOT be in a kennel. Hamburger is a 10-14 year old Pointer mix who is as nice as they come.

He has some hair loss and is itchy, and also has some awful lumps and bumps. Some are normal "old dog lumps", but we will have 2 of the most concerning lumps removed- they other we do not anticipate to be problematic.

This can be done for a rescue that can help him, free of charge, thanks to our grant from the Grey Muzzle Org.

She noted Hamburger's sweet nature:

He has been perking up and feeling better on his meds. He's such an easy-going gentleman and Dog-Friendly! He likes to go for walks outside, but doesn't get too much of a chance because he is in holding where volunteers are not allowed.

Unfortunately, he's just not healthy enough to go to the adoption room. He also pottied quickly after leaving his kennel for an outdoor walk. He seems to know a few commands, so at some point he knew the comfort of home. We can only imagine what has happened since- and we can only hope to get him back into a loving home again. Hamburger is elderly, but shows a definite zest for life and a great potential for recovery and happiness.

Prior to the publication of this article, the National Dog News Examiner reached out to the foster coordinator to see if a rescue organization had committed to help Hamburger - the following email was received in response:

No hamburger has nothing. Still at the shelter and urgent.

Rescue organizations who are interested in lending this elderly boy a hand can send an email to:

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