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Foster care children with disabilities have unique needs

helping foster care children
helping foster care children
Photo by John Parra

There are a lot of children with disabilities in the foster care system. The type of disability the children have varies. Some may be noticeable while others are not. Some children in foster care may be diagnosed, but depending on their childhood and history, some children who have a disability may not be identified.

No matter what the situation children who have disabilities and are or were foster children also have the issues all foster children have. In addition the children have issues that are related to being a person with a disability AND being a foster child. Those three sets of issues can lead to a complex situation. ALL of the issues need to be addressed in the home and at school. Brainstorming with the team and having open communication helps. It also helps to hear different stories and approaches from parents who raise children with disabilities who are or were children within the foster care system.

Here is some details on an event that can help parents who have or are thinking about raising children with disabilities who are in the foster care system. Philadelphia Special Needs Consortium meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 20th, 10 a.m. - 12 Noon, at the United Way Building, 17th and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The agenda will include a presentation by Sue & Hector Badeau, a Philadelphia couple who adopted many children over several years. They will be discussing their experience of parenting many children who had come through the foster care system, and many of whom had special needs.