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Fossils of giant dinosaur found in Argentina

Fossils of a giant Titanosaur, thought to be 95-million-years-old, have been discovered at a farm in La Flecho, west of Argentina’s Patagonian city of Trelew.

Taking a stroll in the moonlight
Taking a stroll in the moonlight
Don't let this one step on your foot!

Paleontologists in Argentina’s Pantagonia region believe this long-necked, long-tailed sauropod that walked on four legs and lived during the Cretaceous Period may have been the largest dinosaur to have ever walked the earth. It is said to have weighed about 100 tons, the equivalent of more than 14 African elephants.

“This is a true paleontological treasure,” Jose Luis Carballido, a paleontologist at the Egidio Museum in Trelew, Argentia, said in a statement. “There are many remains and they were practically intact, something that does not frequently happen.”

The Titanosaur bones were accidentally discovered by a farm worker in the desert 135 miles from Trelew in 2011. These bones are among 200 fossils at the site which experts believe also contains the remains of seven dinosaurs and the broken teeth of carnivores. Those bones have been described as being in a remarkable state of preservation.

Since the dinosaurs were found so close together, along with a number of carnivorous dinosaurs, it is believed they may have died during a drought, possibly as a result of dehydration.

Further analysis of the site where they were found suggests the area was different to how it appears today. Rather than a dry, arid land, it is probable there were trees and a wide variety of plant-life.