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Fossil hunting : No evidence for evolution

Scelidosaurus, the most complete dinosaur skeleton found in Britian
Scelidosaurus, the most complete dinosaur skeleton found in Britian
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

For over a century, thousands of men and women have dedicated their lives to finding, cleaning, cataloguing, and storing millions of fossils. The work they do is time-consuming, exhausting; yet it has not provided the evidence they sought.

Everything hinges on fossils, clearly, then, because no evolution is occurring now, all that evolutionists have to prove their theory is fossil evidence of life forms which lived in the past. If evolution is the cause of life on earth, then there ought to be thousands of various partly evolved fossil life forms. For evolution to occur, this had to occur in great abundance. The fossils should reveal large numbers of transitional species, creatures which are half-fish/ half land animal.

When you study the fossil record, you will come upon a variety of very serious problems which undermine the strata/fossil theory.

At the very bottom of all the strata (the geologic column) is the Cambrian strata, which is filled with complex, multi-celled life. This is termed the "Cambrian explosion" of sudden life forms all at once. "Multicellular animals appear suddenly in the Cambrian, and none are ever found beneath it in the Precambrian" (Preston Cloud, "Pseudofossils : A Plea For Caution", in Geology, November 1973, pp. 123-127).

There are no transitional species throughout the geologic column. This problem is also called "fossil gaps" or "missing links".

1. There are no transitional species preceeding or leading up to the first multi-celled creatures that appear in the Cambrian, the lowest stratum level.

2. There are no transitional species elsewhere in the fossil record.

3. The species that appear in the fossils are frequently found in many different strata.

4. The great majority of the species found in the fossils are alive today.

"Evolution requires intermediate forms between species, and paleontology does not provide them" (D.B. Kitts, Paleontology and Evolutionary Theory (1974), p. 467).

Mixed-up out of order strata are regularly found. Singly or together, they destroy the evolutionary argument from the rock strata.

Creation and the worldwide Flood in Noah's day both give the best evidence for the fossils we are finding of these creatures. Rapid burial with large amounts of water and sediments is the key. Furthermore, the level of detailed preservation in many fossils shows that they must have formed quickly, before decay could occur. When you accept the Bible as the truthful Word of the Creator and read in Genesis (chapters 6-8) the account of God's judgment on man's wickedness through a worldwide Flood, you would expect to see evidence that fossil formation is generally a rapid, catastrophic process. Do fossils take millions of years to form? No! You just need the right conditions : lots of water to create muddy, sediments and rapid burial as happened during the Flood of Noah's day.

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