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Fossil find uncovers errors of creationist arguments

Part of the lower jawbone of Dinichthys, a prehistoric fish, found in 1987 at Highbanks Metro Park.
Part of the lower jawbone of Dinichthys, a prehistoric fish, found in 1987 at Highbanks Metro Park.
Andrew Kennett

Last Tuesday, scientists at the Geological Society of America meeting in Dayton had a chance to view and discuss a rather fascinating fossil. “Godzillus” as it was dubbed by Ron Fine, the amateur paleontologist who found the fossil last year in northern Kentucky, weighs in at 150 pounds and dates back some 450 million years. Scientists are still looking to determine exactly what the fossil is, with early contenders being some early form of seaweed or sponge. This fits with the fact that the Cincinnati area, much like out own Columbus neighborhoods, was covered by a sea during this ancient time.

The entirety of the fossil record, of course, presents an insurmountable challenge to creationists, and most especially to those who subscribe to a young Earth theory. However, the location of this find makes for an even bigger headache for creationists. Godzillus was found in the same region that houses Answers in Genesis’s Creation Museum. This 450-million-year-old link in the evolutionary chain was found just down the road from the Mecca of anti-science religiosity.

Godzillus comes from a time before fish existed in the seas stretching from Ohio to Tennessee. Fast forward 100 million years, and we see large, armored fish in the fossil record. Evidence of these fish, and thus of the evolutionary process that created them, can be found here in Columbus. Highbanks Metro Park has a display in the nature center featuring a fossil jawbone from one of these fish, Dinichthys, found in the park in 1987.

While evolution is already as much an irrefutable fact as science can ever describe, it is always fascinating to see new finds and new avenues of exploration. Each such discovery sounds a death knell for religion, as the fundamentalists are once again proven wrong and the liberals find the gaps their gods hide in shrinking farther and farther into nonexistence.