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'Forza Horizon 2' to take Xbox One and Xbox 360 on a European vacation

Forza Horizon 2
Forza Horizon 2
Photo courtesy of IGN, used with permission.

Microsoft made “Forza Horizon 2” for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 official Monday. The game was rumored to be in the works for a while but IGN was able to score the exclusive on the announcement along with confirmation that the game will be released this fall to both consoles.

“Forza Horizon 2” development is being handled by Playground Games once again in collaboration with Turn 10 Studios who is responsible for “Forza Motorsport.” The game is being built on the “Forza Motorsport 5” engine, according to a Twitter post from IGN Editor Ryan McCaffery.

Of interest is that Playground Games is only dealing with the Xbox One version of the arcade racer while an unspecified studio will port the game to the Xbox 360. This has become an all too familiar setup with cross-generation games with “Titanfall” being the last notable Xbox exclusive that did the same. In that instance, Bluepoint Games took the engine and assets from what Respawn Entertainment developed and scaled it down enough to run on the Xbox 360. It sounds like a similar setup for "Forza Horizon 2."

The racer will continue with the music festival setting but move the locale from Colorado in the original “Forza Horizon” to Southern Europe for the sequel. Creative director Ralph Fulton says the location was chosen because it will lead to “incredible diversity” and “amazing vistas,” which the original shared as well.

“Forza Horizon 2” will include “hundreds of cars,” according to Playground Games with the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán being promoted in the racer’s cover art. The Drivatar system from “Forza Motorsport 5” will be adapted so that your friends can virtually run you off the road when they aren’t actually playing online but there are some additional features being added as well. The one announced so far is a weather system so that players can experience dynamic weather events while racing. More will be revealed over the course of the game’s reveal.

This now brings the total number of Xbox One exclusives for the rest of 2014 to include “Forza Horizon 2,” “Sunset Overdrive,” “Fantasia: Music Evolved” and the yet to be announced “Halo 2” remake or “Master Chief Collection” remake. Expect more to be revealed during Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Monday, June 9.

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