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'Forza Horizon 2' integrates Kinect with ANNA

ANNA is a personal assistant tied into Kinect
ANNA is a personal assistant tied into Kinect
Photo courtesy of Turn 10 Studios, used with permission

A lot of negative publicity has occurred since E3 2014 around the lack of Kinect support for future titles. Honestly, besides Disney's Fantasia, there certainly was a lack of games at E3 that did incorporate it. Forza Horizon 2, however, is finding a way to implement the camera for its game due out in September. How this will work was not demonstrated. But Creative Director for Turn 10 Studios, Ralph Fulton, had some things to say about ANNA.

With an open world racing title focused on multiplayer gaming, there can be a lot happening at one time. ANNA will be your own personal assistant in Forza Horizon 2. ANNA will serve as your navigation system for getting from Point A to Point B. She will also alert you when friends come online to the game and where they are so you can link up with your Car Club members. According to Fulton, ANNA is very intelligent. She will also give you things to do in the world, and even give you a recap of recent events when returning to the game.

The focus for ANNA might be more on voice recognition rather than actual camera use, but that was not stated at the time. Turn 10 Studios is looking to create a new and different experience with the seamless multiplayer racing, Drivatars, and incorporating ANNA. How ANNA will work with Kinect will be revealed closer to release. At least some games are continuing to find ways to include and use the Xbox One Kinect camera. Fans should look for a much different experience with the sequel. Stay tuned for more information on Forza Horizon 2, due out in September.