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Forza dev: 2010 incredibly busy year for franchise

Forza 3 box
Forza 3 box
Microsoft and Turn 10


  • alex c 5 years ago

    thats bullshit , forza dies, a long time ago,

    metropolis street racer died with the dreamcast.

    the feelings gone..

    the only feelng left

    is in dirt2, or gran turismo.

    i wanna see split second though. that team have some heart,....

  • alex c = delusion 5 years ago

    @ alex c. Have you sampled Forza 3, nope didn't think so, I wouldn't place all my hopes in to GT5, as I bet its just a lot more of the same old same old, And 5+ years in development, is way to long, Gt5 could turn out to be the biggest flop this decade, But with fanboy deception in your tone, I can see your pro "Sony", I bet there are many people who enjoyed the PGR series long after MSR on Dreamcast had been left in the ashes. And I cant wait to see what Forza developers can come up with to compete with, GT5 as to some Forza 3 might just be a prologue too what can be add to by DLC?

  • d0x 5 years ago

    I'm a huge racing fan, always have been. Sony used to own my life with gran turismo but after gt5:p I'm done. The physics and ai haven't improved since gt3. Pretty graphics don't make a good game. Forza 3 is the definitive racing game. The physics are amazing, the ai is good, the graphics are excellent and the online features are years beyond anything sony is doing. Dirt2 is also quite good.

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