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Forum for city complaints and concerns: CitySourced

Now there is a forum where citizens can gather together to discuss or more so complain about city or state issues with online posts. The forum is City Sourced with a website option accessible at and application options are also available on Droids, iPhones and other Android new-generation mobile devices.

The purpose of CitySourced is to allow citizens a forum to discuss city problems, such as enivornmental issues, quality of life issues and public safety issues. Spectators believe CitySourced will increase the speed of the city’s response to citizen's complaints. According to CitySourced’s Director of Business Development, Kurt Daradics, reports will include photos, which will allow city officials to evaluate the complaint easier so they can prioritize projects more effectively.

Los Angeles City Councilman and City Council President Eric Garcetti representing Council District 13 plans to make use of CitySourced in order for his office to receive his district’s constituents concerns. Councilman Garcetti informed AOL News that he “want[s] to make it as easy as possible for people to report graffiti, potholes and other quality-of-life issues so that the neighborhoods in my district receive the level of service they are entitled to.”