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Fortified foods make getting your essential nutrients easier than ever

According to The Journal of Nutrition, many Americans do not achieve the recommended nutrient intake levels and would have a much poorer nutrient status without enrichment or fortification. One nutrient that Americans notoriously lack in their diets is omega-3, which supports the brain, eyes and heart. It has been shown to improve blood pressure, decrease triglycerides, reduce blood clotting and irregular heartbeats, and decrease the risk of heart failure.

While no reputable nutritionist would ever suggest replacing proper diet with supplements, there are a few mainstream food products that offer the best of both worlds—a well-rounded nutritional profile along with a healthy dose of much-needed omega-3. Here are a few fortified foods that you can find on grocery store shelves nationwide that help fill in the nutrition gap:

Find more information in this informative news article on how you can easily find and enjoy omega-3 fortified foods!

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