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Fort Worth veterinarian under fire for faking dog's euthanasia

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The Fort Worth police, the City of Fort Worth State investigators, and Fort Worth Animal Care and Control seized two dogs from the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic on Tuesday after a report of a family's dog allegedly euthanized was found to be alive at the clinic reported

Six months ago, Jamie and Marian Harris brought their 170 pound, five-year-old dog Sid to the clinic for a minor anal gland condition. Eventually the vet diagnosed the Leonberger with a painful spinal condition and recommended euthanasia. The family said their tearful and emotional goodbyes, and left. The vet told them that Sid would be buried at his farm.

Late last week, vet technician, Mary Brewer called the family to tell them their dog was still very much alive, and Sid was being housed in a urine and feces filled kennel at the vet's office and being used for blood transfusions.

Read the family's attorney report by clicking here.

The family reclaimed their dog, and on Tuesday a veterinarian examined Sid and diagnosed the dog with mange. Sid also shows signs of being abusively kenneled and of being used for blood transfusions.

Dr. Lou Tierce allegedly told the family that he had not euthanized Sid because his employees had threatened to quit.

Dr. Tierce could face criminal charges of animal cruelty and theft. The Terrant County Health Department has also been called in. The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in Austin have also been notified.

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