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Fort Worth veterinarian charged with animal cruelty in fake dog euthanasia

Dr. Tierce's license to practice veterinary medicine has been suspended.
Dr. Tierce's license to practice veterinary medicine has been suspended.
Tarrant County Sheriff's Office/ CBS

Dr. Millard "Lou" Tierce, owner of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, was arrested and charged on Wednesday with animal cruelty after a veterinarian technician called the owners of a five-year-old Leonberger named Sid who had allegedly been euthanized. The dog, however was found living at the clinic in a feces and urine filled kennel and being used for blood transfusions reported

Dr. Tierce turned himself in on Wednesday afternoon, was booked into the Tarrant County Jail, and then released on $10,000 bail.

His veterinarian's license to practice medicine has been suspended.

Jamie and Marian Harris had brought their 170 pound dog into the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic over six months ago for a minor anal gland issue. After weeks of unsuccessful treatments and a quick deterioration of the dog's overall physical condition, Dr. Tierce recommended Sid be euthanized. The family said their heartbreaking goodbyes and were told that Sid would be laid to rest at Tierce's own farm.

Last week, the family found out their beloved dog was still alive. Read the entire story by clicking here.

In a statement to CBS, Marian Harris stated:

"The betrayal is so incredibly intense that nothing you have prepares you for the emotions. There’s anger. There’s joy that you have your dog back. There’s betrayal of this intense trust.”

The family is conferring with another veterinarian about Sid's medical conditions.

Dr. Tierce denied the allegations and stated a disgruntled employee was at the core of the controversy. The vet stated that the Harris' wanted their dog euthanized, but he just couldn't do it. According to the Star Telegram, Dr. Tierce stated:

“The lady has her dog back. A year later, the dog is still alive and walking around."

Authorities are asking that anyone else who thinks they might have been victimized by the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic to call 817-335-4222 and complete a report.

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