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Fort Worth vet to have license suspension hearing on May 9

A veterinarian in Fort Worth was arrested on April 30 for animal cruelty. The vet in question, Doctor Millard Lucien Tierce owns the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic. Suspicions of animal cruelty were brought to light when a former employee called Jamie and Marian Harris. The former employee told them that their Leonberger, Sid, was alive.

In May of 2013, the Harrises brought Sid to Camp Bowie Animal Clinic for a minor procedure. After the surgery, Sid wasn't walking correctly. This is when Tierce told them Sid had a spinal condition that would worsen with age and suggested the Harrises put Sid to sleep.The Harrises trusted Tierce's opinion and paid to put Sid to sleep.

When they received a call telling them Sid was still alive, they were speechless. Sid, however, is not the only victim. An inspection of the facility was held on April 29. The inspection identified three dogs that were so decrepit they had to be euthanized. Tierce identified one of those dogs as his own. One clinic employee said the dog hadn't moved since her start and she hadn't seen the dog receive medical treatment. Dr. Michael Morris, owner of Animal Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth, examined the border collie and found that it was emaciated, had cataracts, severe mouth disease, a neurological disease and was missing the bottom of a foot. It was later euthanized.

Along with the three emaciated dogs, investigators found animal organs in jars throughout the clinic, bugs in exam rooms, stacks of drugs, trash, laundry, paperwork and other miscellaneous material throughout the clinic, according to the temporary suspension order.

The temporary suspension order also stated that many controlled substances were strewn about the clinic. Employees, clients, and visitors could have easily stolen and abused said substances.

Board investigators received a signed, handwritten statement from Tierce that he had accepted five animals for euthansia at his clinic and had kept them without euthanizing them, the report stated.

According to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, a hearing on his license suspension is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. on May 9 in Austin.

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