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Fort Worth tattoo artist in final hours of 55-hour marathon tattoo session

New Guinness record about to be set.
New Guinness record about to be set.

Forty-six year old Robert "Tat2Bobby" Doran is just hours away from completing a 55-hour tattooing marathon for a Guinness record. According to the January 5 issue of the Star Telegram this isn't their first time Doran has sought this distinction. In fact, he held the record briefly in 2003 for a 30 hour-15-minute session, but before it could be recorded by Guinness, the record was broken. It was crushed again in 2011 with a record of 50 hours and 10 minutes by tattoo artist Dave Fleec and his client, James Llewellyn, in the UK.

36 hours into a 55-hour tattooing marathon

The thing about this record is that the session is a one session/one client record. For this session, Doran's one client is Darren Curry, of Fort Worth, who is also 46 and Doran's friend. When they had passed the 36 hour point of the 55-hour tattooing marathon session Curry "got so tired I fell asleep."

Curry isn't new to ink. He had 35 tats before the session started on Friday morning, and by the time this session is all said and done he expects to have 47. He said, "I did it because it's free tattoos. If I've got anymore skin after this, I'll absolutely get more."

Doran concentrated on cleaning up old tattoos for the first day and half and did some fill work between tattoos. One of the "fill-ins" included a tat he had outlined at the Biker Bash in 2012. A couple more tattoos that will take more time include two portrait style Vikings tattoos. These tattoos on Curry's back are expected to be the biggest challenge.

Fellow ministers in Warriors for Christ

Doran and Curry are both ministers in the biker-centered Warriors for Christ. His wife says that it is a miracle that he is even able to do tattooing.

“My husband was in a bike wreck nine months after the last record he set in 2003, and was told he probably would never be able to tattoo again.” -- Krystal Doran via Star Telegram

Doran uses his artistic ability for the Lord and says that he's tattooed tats of a laughing Jesus, crying Jesus, Jesus on the cross, walking on the water. "I've done literally hundreds of Jesuses."

By 7:42 p.m. on Sunday, Doran should hold the new Guinness World Record for longest tattoo session (team of two). He said, "We need the record. Fort Worth needs it.

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