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Fort Worth Library hosting local history program May 5

2012 Patricia Cook and licensors. All rights reserved.
2012 Patricia Cook and licensors. All rights reserved.
Learn about the lives and careers of African-American doctors in Fort Worth in the years 1887-1925 at the Fort Worth Library.

The Fort Worth Public Library is presenting a program entitled Hidden in History: African-American Doctors in Fort Worth, 1887-1925. The program is part of the Community History Workshop Series, and will take place in the Tandy Lecture Hall at the Central Library from 10:30 a.m. to noon on May 5.

In the years 1887 to 1925, African-American doctors in the Fort Worth area provided valuable services to their community, and thrived, despite the obstacles segregation threw their way.

Attendees will learn, in-depth, how they did it: where they had their offices, how they networked, what organizations they were a part of, and how they overcame the challenges they faced.

Facilitated by Shirley Apley, who formerly worked at the library’s Genealogy & Local History Unit, the program is designed to bring to light pieces of history that might otherwise go unnoticed, and to demonstrate that everybody can act as a historian and is capable of preserving local history.

Philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Even if it’s not your personal history, knowing and appreciating what happened in the past, whether it be in your country, your state, your city, or your family, is a vital way to preserve it, learn from it, and in some cases, prevent it from happening again.

In conjunction with this program, the West Wing of the library (one of several art galleries in the Fort Worth Library) is hosting an art exhibit through June 25 featuring photographs provided by descendants of some of these doctors, including Dr. Riley Ransom, Dr. George Munchus, and Dr. Elisha P. Murchinson.

Whether you’re a die-hard history buff, or are just curious about your hometown or your roots, this is a program you won’t want to miss. It’s free, and guaranteed to be entertaining as well as informative—what libraries do best!

The Central Library is located at 500 W. 3rd St.; the phone number is 817-392-7701.


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