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Fort Worth dog killed by mailman: Yorkshire terrier’s skull crushed by rock

Dog killed by mailman, who crushed the dog's skull with a rock.
Dog killed by mailman, who crushed the dog's skull with a rock.
NBC 5 News screenshot

A mail carrier is accused of killing a Yorkshire terrier by hitting the dog in the head with a rock. Maxwell got out of his fenced in yard in his Fort Worth neighborhood while his owner was working in the garage. When his owner heard a yelp he walked across the street to where the mailman was standing near a dog laying on the ground, according to the Star Telegram on May 19.

Lawrence Brown walked across the street and asked the mail carrier what happened, and the mailman said “I got me one,” motioning to the dog laying on the ground. Brown realized the dog was Maxwell, his wife’s five-year-old terrier. The mailman also told Brown “I did what I had to do,” when Brown asked him “What did you do to that dog?”

Brown’s neighbor helped him get the dog to the back of the neighbor’s truck and then he ran into the house to tell his wife that Maxwell was dead. That wasn’t the case because when Taiesha Brown ran to Maxwell, he was still breathing. She held her little friend all the way to the vet.

At the vet the Browns were told that the dog’s skull was fractured and Maxwell also had a severe spinal cord injury. They were told that their dog could not be saved, so they had to put the dog down, according to NBC News Dallas Fort Worth.

The police are investigating the complaint from the Browns of “animal cruelty,” but no arrests have been made. The U.S. Postal Service will also be doing their own investigation. They state that the postal service take dog attack prevention very seriously.

While they haven’t commented on just what the postal carrier did, spokesperson, Arlene Sanchez did say that; “Postal officials will address this situation to ensure that letter carriers follow recommended actions to avoid dog attacks/bites in the future.”

The Browns have no children and Maxwell was like a child to them. Taihsea is having a hard time as the scene of what her dog must have gone through after getting injured so severely keeps playing in her head.

The mail carrier's actions have baffled the Browns because he has been in the area a long time and knows the dogs up and down the block. Maxwell was not aggressive or even a dog that would appear threatening, according to the Browns. The incident is still under investigation.

According to KLTV News today, another dog in Nacogdoches, Texas was killed by a hammer and this was witnessed by a 10-year-old boy. Bob Orlan Miner, 56, is charged with state-jail felony cruelty to non-livestock animal after taking the neighbor’s dog into his back yard and repeatedly hitting it over the head with a hammer.

The 10-year-old son of the dog’s owners witnessed the killing of this dog at the hands of Miner. It was the boy who called 911. Miner told police that he killed the dog because it hand mange. There is no more new information on this dog-killing case.


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