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Fort Wayne Indiana home to top baseball rehabilitation and workout facilities

Track used for rehab workouts at AWP
Track used for rehab workouts at AWP
Greg Dee

Fort Wayne, IN: As the-on-field baseball season passes onto the hot stove league let's take some time to exam what happens with these local players during the winter months. The work and rehab is in mid-stream for players that want to continue to improve; while injured players need to rehab anywhere from minor injuries to serious injury after surgery. For these players top facilities and skill doctors and staff are essential to achieve complete recovery.

Fort Wayne has attracted top medical and therapeutic facilities with superior staffs of skilled doctors, nurses, physical therapist, and specialists to help these players recover. With facilities like:

Parkview Medical Group - (AWP) Athletes With Purpose, SportONE Orthopedics,

Lutheran Health Network - Lutheran Hospital, St. Joesph Hospital, Dupont hospital, FWO - Fort Wayne Ortho,

ASH Center - Academy of Sports and Health,

ORTHO NORTHEAST and many other rehab facilities.

Fort Wayne has some of the best sports medicine facilities in Indiana. Parkview ranks 10th in Indiana in providing health care of all types including sports injury rehab. Ones with more serious injuries are not so lucky.

Here are comments from some of the areas top facilities as described on their web sites:

....Parkview Sports Medicine (PSM) is a collaboration between SportONE Orthopedics, AWP Sports Training, Parkview Athletic Rehabilitation and Parkview Physicians Group.

....(ASH) Centre was founded with the goal of providing a "destination" for services, providing opportunities for the community through Academic, Sports, & Health Initiatives organizations to expand and improve their programs.

....Physicians and staff from Fort Wayne Orthopedics and Lutheran Health Network combine forces to offer top-quality sports medicine services to the athletes of Fort Wayne's professional hockey, basketball, baseball and football teams, as well as athletes at the University of Saint Francis and 12 area high schools—and to weekend warriors around the region.

....Whether you have a new injury or experience chronic pain, Ortho NorthEast has the top specialists, latest treatments and convenient locations to help you get back to the things you love.

....Today, FWO offers complete bone, joint and spine care. And while we’ve grown into comprehensive practice with multiple locations utilizing the latest technology and procedures, one thing that has never changed is our overriding mission – making you feel better.

How are these injuries sustained during a baseball season? As expected, there are arm injuries sustained by pitchers, caused by: improper warm up prep. over use, and previous injuries untreated over the season. For position players there are: knee injuries from hitting the bases incorrectly which can twists the knee, runners sliding into a fielder making a play at a base, and over use and improper warm up injuring to the throwing arm. For catcher: getting hit with foul tips, knee injuries from continuous bending of the knees to get into position, runners ramming into them trying to score a run on a thrown ball to the plate, and right hand injuries from foul tips catching the bare or throwing hand. Batters: getting hit by an 85-mph fast ball, particularly on the hands, head, back, and fouling pitched balls off the ankle, knee, and foot. Shoulder injuries sustained when diving back into bases or leg injuries sliding into bases for base runners.

The injuries mentioned above can be anywhere from just surface pain and bruising to very serious concussions, torn labium in the shoulder, torn rotator cuff, or torn ligaments in the elbow, shoulder, knee, or ankle. Many of the more serious injuries require surgery, then rehab, to get back to full strength. Thanks to the super skills of the surgeons and modern rehab techniques, in Fort Wayne, most players are back and at full strength within a year of a very serious injury. Lessor injuries can result in rehab that gets them back within 3-months to full strength. For the player, following doctors orders is critical in total recovery. It has been observed that some elbow ligament replacement surgeries can increase the strength of the elbow beyond previous performance. The best outcome is to regain all the strength as before the injury occurred.

So please remember, the baseball players you watch at your local high school or travels teams or the various baseball leagues during the spring and summer suffer the same injuries as the pros; with a lot less attention. They work very hard to recover and get back on the baseball diamond. It is not easy, in many cases, there is a big price to pay once an injury occurs and our baseball players in the Fort Wayne area are willing to pay it. So cheer for your team and respect the opponent; because the opponent does no less for their fans.

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