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Fort Wayne couple starve dog to death because they 'didn't like him anymore'

According to court records, the couple starved Tito to death stating, "We didn't like him anymore."
According to court records, the couple starved Tito to death stating, "We didn't like him anymore."
Allen County PD

Chelsy Ormsby and Cameron Marcum, both 25, of Fort Wayne, Ind. face animal cruelty charges in the egregious suffering of their dog named Tito by keeping him tied in the bedroom and starving him to death reports Wednesday's

The couple have been charged with torturing and mutilating an animal as well as having a dog without required immunizations.

In October, the Allen County police arrived at the home on the 5500 block of Allendale Drive, to serve arrest warrants and found the decomposing body of a dog. Scratch marks on the walls and floor, blood, and feces indicated the dog desperately tried to free himself.

When interviewed, the couple stated their one-year-old dog, Tito had been fighting with their other dog during feeding time. About six-weeks prior, they had tied the dog in the bedroom, and although they heard him whimpering, Ormsby and Marcum let the dog die a slow painful death by depriving him of water and food.

Small children in the home were removed by the Department of Family Services and placed in foster care.

Veterinarians state the dog died an excruciatingly painful death.

According to the Journal Gazette, Tito was the last of a litter born to another dog named Mamas found at the same home. Animal Control removed that dog also.

Both Marcum and Ormsby have previous records which include animal neglect and cruelty charges.

If found guilty of felony animal cruelty, the couple face from three months to six years in prison.

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