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Fort Meigs' 'Muster on the Maumee' event brings military history to life

Sights at the annual Muster on the Maumee at Fort Meigs
Sights at the annual Muster on the Maumee at Fort Meigs
courtesy Fort Meigs

Military history enthusiasts will not want to miss the unique "Muster on the Maumee" event being hosted by Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio where you can witness the evolution of the common soldier from the Vikings to the Roman soldiers to the modern American military. This notable, family-friendly, educational event is being held on Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15. It is approximately a one hour, 50 minute drive from Cleveland.

Soldiers at Muster on the Maumee
courtesy Fort Meigs

"Muster on the Maumee" One of the largest and most diverse historical events in the United States, "Muster on the Maumee" will feature military re-enactors portraying soldiers from 10 centuries including Vikings, Roman legions, soldiers of the American Revolution and Civil War, troops of Napoleon, soldiers of World War I and II and servicemen from the war in Vietnam.

Guests will be able to visit period military camps where re-enactors in period uniforms will answer questions about their particular era. Throughout the day there will also be numerous weapons demonstrations involving muskets, rifles and artillery.

One demonstration you don't want to miss is the "Pike College" where you can learn about the 16 foot long pike (a long thrusting spear with a wooden shaft and an iron or steel spearhead used largely by the infantry) and discover its battlefield role.

Period artisans and tradespeople will be on hand giving demonstrations and offering their merchandise for sale. There will also be an abundance of food available for purchase.

Fort Meigs Located on the site of a War of 1812 battlefield, Fort Meigs consists of a reconstructed fort which is now a museum that features many artifacts and interactive displays concerning Ohio's role in the War of 1812.

Hours for the "Muster on the Maumee" will be 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors and $5 for students. Children 5 and under are free. Admission for Ohio Historical Society members is $1.

For more information about the "Muster on the Maumee" event or about Fort Meigs call 800-283-8916 or get online at

Fort Meigs is located at 29100 W. River Rd. in Perrysburg, Ohio. Perrysburg is 111 miles from Cleveland and it is approximately a one hour, 50 minute drive.