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Fort Lauderdale Think Tank

About 50 business and community leaders attended the third in a series of community think tank meetings led by organizers Peter Clark, Terry DeCarlo, Jennifer Morales and Joe Van Eron. At this meeting the official name of the organization was chosen: The Rainbow Business Coalition. The name came from a selection of names that had been suggested from the previous meeting in December and those in attendance felt that the new name best fit the organization and its goals.

Also, team leaders for each group category were announced: Marty Kildea (Sidelines) and Jackson Padgett (Alibi/Bills) for the bars; Julian Cavazos (GLBX) and Joey Amato (South Florida Gay News) for the communications group; Jerry Algozer (Broward House) and Mark Bode (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) for community organizations; Richard Gray (RG Consulting) for travel and lodging; David Feinburg (Northwest Savings) and Reece Darham (Island City Health & Fitness) for professional services; Jon Zieba (Rosies) and Steve Wilson (J. Mark's Restaurant) for the restaurants; and Lori Deak (Pride Factory) for retail.

“The group leaders volunteered for the positions,” said Clark. “There are still a couple of leadership positions open.”

Leadership positions are still open in the travel/lodging and retail categories. The intent is to have two team leaders per category.
At a previous Think Tank meeting in December, some people were surprised their name was suggested for a leadership position, but at the time organizers stated that the leadership positions would be given to those people who stated they had the time to volunteer and were willing to step up to the plate to handle the tasks of organizing their individual groups.

The individual groups then met together for the first time and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the local LGBT community. Toward the end of the meeting, the individual groups made a presentation to the larger organization as to their thoughts discussed in the smaller breakout sessions.

The purpose of the Rainbow Business Coalition is to bring business and community leaders together for the betterment of the entire community. No individual is to bring their private agendas into the organization and their actual business names are rarely mentioned.


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