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Fort Lauderdale Company helps bring memories to life with Polaroid Fotobar

The Falls Polaroid Fotobar
The Falls Polaroid Fotobar

Who could forget the Polaroid camera, one of the most innovative technologies of the 80's? Polaroid camera's filled everyone with joy by producing instant photos that developed right before our very eyes. Capturing the moment much like digital camera's do today, the Polaroid brand brought memories to life and paved the way for the digital era.

Fast forward to 2014, and the Polaroid brand is back and better than ever!

On the Ball Marketing, a company that as their website suggests, helps others “Sell more Stuff,” is a part of this newly launched concept, called "Polaroid Fotobar."

Led by Steve Nudelberg, the (On the Ball) company leverages relationships, streamlines sales processes, amplifies social media campaigns, and in a few words – just goes out and makes stuff happen. Recently, On the Ball partnered with serial entrepreneur Warren Struhl to start the Polaroid Fotobar,” where customers can have digital photos professionally printed in a variety of formats. Photos can be printed on Canvas, metal, and yes - even bamboo! Not tech savvy? Simply bring your smart phone, camera, or even your access credentials to an online photo album and allow the “Fototenders” to help you create amazing photos you can hang, place, or gift to others.

Below are various excerpts from a recent interview with Nudelberg, where he discussed this amazing retail concept.

This concept seems so simple - yet it creates very complex, tangible memories designed to the exact desires of the customer – how did this idea become reality?

Nudelberg: Everyone is taking photos with their phones, and when asking a random sample of people, what they do with their favorite photos, they all said the same thing: Nothing. An after saying that, they all expressed a sort of sadness. In fact most will admit that its has been years since they updated their family photo walls at home of office. We felt that we could help people unlock and enjoy their memories.

Was there a certain type of consumer in mind when this concept was in its incubation period? On the surface, it lends itself to someone less tech-savvy that may need help taking photos from digital devices and turning them into something more tangible – or is that a poor assumption?

Nudelberg: Actually is was pretty universal and what we have seen is multi generational acceptance, such as kids, parents and grandparents all enjoying the experience.

The flagship location just opened in Las Vegas, which has to be very exciting. Two part question.

1 – Any plans for further expansion locally in South Florida or in other markets within the USA?

Nudelberg: Vegas is store #5, and we have aggressive plans to be in as many neighborhoods as quickly as possible.

2 – On the topic of Vegas - What is the best story you’ve heard about someone trying to create a memory that would have been in line with the debauchery that ensued in the movie “The Hangover?”

Nudelberg: Too early to say, although I can say what happens in Vegas doesn't have to stay in Vegas anymore.

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