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Ft. Hood Soldier, son of Dolphin’s head coach gets extension on felony case

1st Lt. Matthew Philbin, faces 3rd degree felony
Sheriff's Department photo/released

A pretrial court appearance has been postponed for 1st. Lieutenant Matthew Philbin, son of Miami Dolphin’s head coach, Joe Philbin, in connection with a motor vehicle accident March 23, 2014. Monday the court ruled Lt. Philbin will be allowed an extension until Aug. 18.

1st. Lt. Philbin, 26, was arrested April 29 of this year, in connection with a motor vehicle accident in which he allegedly ran a red light, hit another vehicle, and ended up going the wrong direction on Eighth Street in Austin, Texas.

The black Jeep Philbin was driving collided with a Honda driven by 22-year-old Kristen Robinson. 1st. Lt. Philbin, in addition to other allegations, is accused of refusing to render aid to the young woman; in fact, he allegedly tried to discourage the injured woman from calling police.

The incident report states 1st. Lt. Philbin appeared to be intoxicated when he left the scene and then hailed a cab. He was later identified in a lineup by Ms. Robinson and another eye-witness to the incident.

Ms. Robinson reportedly suffered an eye injury and neck and head injuries and appeared to be in shock after the crash.

Law enforcement documents show 1st Lt. Philbin’s legal counsel called police and asked for a delay in the investigation so the military wouldn't deny a promotion for the young Soldier.

First Lt. Philbin, a graduate of West Point was based at Fort Hood at the time of the accident, had seen tours of duty in Kuwait and Iraq.

Authorities in Travis County said it could be several months before Lt. Philbin goes to trial or enters a plea in his case.

Failure to stop and render aid is a third degree felony in Texas.

Joe Philbin, father of Lt. Philbin has been the head coach of the Miami Dolphins since January 2012.

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