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Fort Hood shooting update: Gunman dead, at least eight others injured

The Fort Hood shooting on April 2 has left at least one person dead (the shooter) and several others injured (some reports suggest eight people and others claim 15 or more). According to CNN, the scene is still active but the shooter is dead. At this point it's unknown whether the gunman took his own life or was shot by police but he is, in fact, deceased.

Authorities are now working to clear the military base before lifting the lockdown order. Those living on the base as well as those living in surrounded areas have been advised to "shelter in place," to stay inside their homes and away from windows and doors.

The Fort Hood shooting sent several people to nearby hospitals for emergency medical attention but hospitals couldn't confirm how many patients were being brought in or how severe their injuries were. An exact number of patients could be released later this evening. Fort Hood has 40,000 military personnel and another 10,000 civilians who call the base home.

Reports of a second shooter don't hold much validity as police say that people might be mistaking first responders as an armed gunman. A motive will be something authorities will work to uncover in the coming days.

More on the Fort Hood shooting in the video above.

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