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Fort Hood shooting: 1 casualty reported, active shooter

Fort Hood, Texas
Fort Hood, Texas
Wikimedia Commons

A Fort Hood shooting on April 2 is still an active scene according to authorities. According to NBC News, the situation is very serious but few details have been released. There have been reports of at least one death and several other injuries but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

"They got some kind of shooting incident going on. They haven't told us anything. It was on post and being handled by the military. Fort Hood has not asked for any assistance," said Lt. Donnie Adams with the Bell County Sheriff's Office," reports CNN.

The Fort Hood shooting has caused a "shelter in place" order not just to those on Fort Hood but to those in local Waco, Texas -- which suggests that the shooter may have left the military base. Several people on Twitter have been talking about the incident but most tweets are based on hearsay which can often be exaggerated when there's something like this going on.

There are sirens going off on the base and police are on the scene but there has not been any word about the gunman or gunmen and if there is anyone in custody.

The Fort Hood shooting occurred this afternoon but an exact time of when shots were first fired is unclear.

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