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Fort hood and the use of social networking and collaboration tools

The Fort Hood shooting has provided an inside look into how social networking tools were and still are being used to communicate.

Social networking i.e. Facebook, Twitter and You Tube helped those who were inside during the Foot Hood shooting spree and helped those of us outside who wanted to know more about what happen. Yes, the Army is using social networking tools to communicate.

The Army’s official facebook  page was used during the mass shooting that left 13 people dead and at least 30 others wounded, according to the Army.  The Facebook page had an announcement that the Army’s public affairs staff at Fort Hood published, “ The media relations office is inundated with requests and is answering queries as quickly as possible.”

Another social networking site, Twitter was used to share information and feelings about the event. One Twitter site displayed thoughts from a Twitter user MyArmyLife posted, “Just home from being 'locked down' on Fort Hood. So saddened by the events of today. Please keep Fort Hood Family in your prayers tonight!” Others Twitter users use the website to let their followers know they were safe.

Social networking technology and collaboration tools usage by some government agencies has been somewhat controversial. However, Ian Glazer a senior analyst at the Burton Group says “Such tools also are redefining our idea of the data breach.”

Recently reported within the Government Computer News the Defense of Department is still debating on the security risks with using social-networking tools but also the benefit the U.S. Army is having using Facebook, Twitter and You Tube per Lt. Col. Kevin Arata, director of the U.S. Army’s Online and Social Media Division.