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Fort Hood and a time of violence


Nidel Hasan AP Photo

After receiving a fourth emotional request for an astrological profile for Fort Hood gunman Nidel Malik Hasan and a second enraged request for astrological information on those involved in the tragic case of Shaniya Davis, the need to broach the topic of such news-making monsters became apparent. As an alternative to investing both reporting and reading time on those unworthy, let’s take a look at how we can use the current Saturn square Pluto alignment, which is associated with intensified frustration and anger, to bring light to a much needed awareness.

Over the past several days during the Saturn square Pluto alignment, deplorable crimes and violent acts are seemingly every where we turn. A mere few of the headliners are as follows;

  • Fort Hood shooting
  • Murder of five year old, Shaniya Davis
  • Murder of nine year old, Tommy Wolf (murdered by his father)
  • Nine injured during a shooting at a San Francisco concert
  • Connecticut man sets girlfriend on fire and tries to do the same to her 12 year old daughter
  • Police find four dead in Michigan home (likely another murder suicide)
  • Des Moines police find body in burned van
  • One woman dead after a shooting at a Virginia apartment complex
  • Woman killed by husband at work days after filing for divorce
  • Father, four sons and friend are charged in Missouri child rape case
  • Oliver Bills of Cleveland, Texas shoots his family and then himself 
  • South Carolina drive-by shooting kills three, injures six
  • Colorado homeowner finds dead body in front yard
  • Gunman kills one, then self in Oregon office park
  • Three killed, five wounded in shooting at South Carolina house
  • Man killed, six hurt in shooting at illegal bar in Pennsylvania
  • Colorado bar shooting kills one, wounds three
  • Ex-employee enters Orlando office firing a gun
  • Three women shot to death as they sat in car with kids
  • Actor who played Santa jailed for sex with boys

In no way can we ever blame unusual planetary aspects on acts of violence or other unthinkable crimes. People are accountable for their own actions. The tragic situations above were not the result of someone temporarily losing their mind. The sad truth is that there always have been and there always will be evil-spirited fiends among us. Though this truth is justifiably anger-provoking, our energies are better served elsewhere if we ever wish to protect ourselves and others from such monstrosities.

Awareness is the first part of the battle. As individuals and as a society, we can no longer afford to dismiss the signs. Just as there were numerous warning signs at Ford Hood and in the other situations above, there are signs in our ever day life experiences. One personal example that comes to mind is of a day I took my five year old niece to a public library in a nice, suburban neighborhood. While in the children’s book section, I noticed a man on his hands and knees, peering through bookshelves at mothers with children. I kept my eye on him as he followed three different mothers with their young children from aisle to aisle. At one point, he attempted to follow me and my niece. Instead of ignoring him, I stood tall and stared him down. Immediately, he left the children’s section but remained within eye sight, continuing to watch the other mothers. I then approached two of the other mothers to warm them of this person. Both replied that they noticed man. One mother commented that she was waiting for him to leave so that she could then soon after leave the library herself. The other mother told me she was trying to ignore him in hopes that he would soon go away. Baffled, I approached a librarian and was escorted into a private room.  After briefly describing the situation, library security guards were immediately called upon the man and to the man’s attention. The man made an unsuccessful running attempt to his car in the parking lot. As it turned out, the man was a registered sex offender. Found in the backseat of his car that day was a goodie-bag inclusive of a knife, duct tape, gloves, rope, zip ties and a gun.

We are conditioned as a society to find the shock value of situations in the wrong places. Using my experience as an example, most people are shocked once they learn what was found in the backseat of the sex offender’s car. What should be the most shocking portion of the experience is the knowledge that the mothers in the library were aware of the signs, yet chose to dismiss them.

If awareness is part of the battle, acting upon our awareness is an even bigger part of the battle. Astrologically speaking, we all have a unique purpose. In addition to a unique purpose, we also have a shared direction in which both being aware and acting upon our awareness plays an imperative role in preventing, protecting and uniting.

Peace will never be found in the eyes of a violent partner, an angered individual or in a situation where safety is ever in question. May those affected by tragedy find peace. 

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  • Mary C 5 years ago

    Ok, but that doesn't change the fact that bad people still exist!

  • sharon stein 5 years ago

    i didn't think i would care for this article, but after reading it i recalled at least five times in life i have been guilty of ignoring signs like the one in the story. this makes a good point. we keep hearing on the news about how the fort hood shooter was red flagged and reported so many times. and the little girl from north carolina. did no one see that man carry her into the hotel room? what about when they checked in? it wasnt a hotel with doors entering from the outside. i wonder how many people noticed but chose to brush it off.

  • Charles S 5 years ago

    By doing nothing, we are doing something.

  • marnye 5 years ago

    wow rero, just hours after you published this, shanaiya's dad publicly spoke and said the following "everybody makes it a point not to ignore, to look past a situation where a person, a child, or anybody might be in danger ... so that we don't have another tragedy like Shaniya."
    you are right. our society needs to awaken and take action.

  • Thomas 5 years ago

    Rero, I think that you are spot on with your writings, but none more than this. Apathy is too prevalent in our society, that someone else will take care of the problem. Your simple, non-confrontational report could have saved many lives, from the potential victim, to the parents, relatives and friends and in even society in general. Violence disrupts the fabric in our society and this fabric sends ripples in ways that we don't see until it is too late. Thank you for bravery and insight, Rero. You are fantastic.

  • omg 5 years ago

    This guy is a pure terrorist!!!!!! This article is a pure dance around the truth relating to Nidal the terrorist. The four emotional requests want to know specifically about Nidal Malik Hasan profile. Try again!

  • to the jerk below 5 years ago

    Rero stated that this "person" is not the worth the time nor the effort. Were you one of those that requested the chart? Likely not, so it is safe to presume that you are making an issue out of nothing. Miss Clayton evidently sees that this "pure terrorist" should not be given any more weight than he has been given. People only become more powerful when they are given power. Take it away and they have none. What is your point in your idiotic flame of her? She refuses to empower people of this type and she is making a plea that we step forward and not cower, once again, giving more power. Take the time to read the article with your eyes open. Maybe then you'll see the point that is being made. Becoming aware is your first step. I suggest you make it.

  • omg 5 years ago

    To the "Real Jerk" dated November 24 11:19am.
    Firstly, anyone like Hasan (The Pure Terrorist) or anyone that commits horrific crimes is not a "person". Did you just defend him?? Is there something about the (Pure Terrorist)you can relate to?

  • starla 5 years ago

    so i was following astro events and current events and thought is was strange to see the violence died down after the saturn alignment. also strange to see nothing astro important really going on over the past seven days.

  • will omg please sit down 5 years ago

    Are you inept or just illiterate? Your English is as poor as your ability to make a good argument. Let it go. You are a fool and clearly your posting is to fill your inadequacies as a failed pseudo-spiritual intellectual. Sorry to see that you have failed to become astrologically aligned. Sad to see that you are unable to detect meaning in what you read. Disgusted that you need to attack when there is no need simply due to your inabilities in general. Further, I hope that you can find some sort of solace and peace within yourself so that you can become a benefit to society rather than a hindrance.

  • Rainbow 5 years ago

    starla, i noticed the shift in violence as well but i think that will still need to payattention to our surroundings. though the stars guide us, they can steer us in the wrong direction if we pay them no mind. on this day of thanks i'm pleased to see a decreased violence throughout. let's hope that it remains. have a blessed day.

  • omg 5 years ago

    Dear November 26, 9:37am. Go back and check the very first sentence in your post dated November 24th before you start commenting about someones English. English is my fourth language so please excuse me. Also, you should not be so insulting to people that have a very different opinion and insight to something you are clearly not aware of. There are two words for someone like you. Moronic boob.

    P.S. you are welcome to correct my grammar or spelling in the interest of helping me improve my English further.

    Kind regards,

  • Wilson T 5 years ago

    Looks like someone let the fox guard the henhouse.