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Fort Collins yoga workshop provides tools for restoring calm

Forward bends can alleviate anxiety.
Forward bends can alleviate anxiety.
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Sometimes life challenges us so much that we’re overtaken by sadness or worry . If you feel the need for tools that can help restore some equanimity amidst the stress, you might consider attending a workshop in Fort Collins on November 1st with psychologist and yoga teacher Beth O’Brien.

“Finding Your Emotional Balance through Yoga” emphasizes mindfulness skills and yoga poses as tools for restoring emotional quilibrium, says O’Brien. The tools are “practical and handy,” and participants will be able to apply them upon leaving the class.

Her experience as a certified yoga teacher and as a licensed psychologist with training in dialectic behavior therapy (DBT) has led O’Brien to create a workshop that combines tools from each. DBT involves developing skills in mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. As for yoga, “There are specific poses that help alleviate depression and specific poses for anxiety,” says O’Brien.

For example, forward bends can help calm our minds—they give us a feeling of protection and of going within, she says. In contrast backbends, which are considered heart-opening poses, can help us to feel begin to feel joy again if we are depressed. When we struggle with a combination of emotions or stress and become agitated, sun salutations can help us to release nervous energy and become calmer. 

The workshop is from 1 to 3:00 p.m., and it is designed for those with ongoing depression or anxiety as well as everyone else who wants to learn how to alleviate stress reactions. “We all get off kilter from things that happen in our lives,” says O’Brien, “and it can be hard to get out of those places where we feel overwhelmed. These are ways to move out of them and into peacefulness and acceptance.”

For more information, contact Beth O’Brien at 970-491-9698 or The Pulse Athletic Center at 970-490-1300,

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