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Fort Collins challenging 1000 riders to get on their bikes and ride!

Bike Fort Collins & FC Bikes hosting local bike challenge
Bike Fort Collins & FC Bikes hosting local bike challenge
FC Bikes & Bike Fort Collins

Do you know about the National Bike Challenge? Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, The National Bike Challenge is a FREE and FUN challenge to encourage 50,000 riders from across the nation to come together to ride 30 million miles. The challenge started May 1st and runs through the end of September.

Bike Fort Collins and The City of Fort Collins FCBikes have teamed up to host the Local Bike Challenge, whose goal is to get 1000 riders in Larimer County to ride 210,000 miles together. So far, 250 riders have registered and traveled nearly 20,000 miles together. That’s a trip around the perimeter of the United States!

You’re able to log your miles two ways, manually through the National Bike Challenge website or by using one of 3 GPS tracking apps, Map My Ride, Endomondo or Moves, that sync with the Challenge website. The benefit of the latter is, as long as you remember to turn the app on (and off), your miles are automatically logged whenever you ride. In order to sync your miles from the tracking app of your choice, the National Bike Challenge requires that you log into your account at least every two weeks.

In addition to the number of miles you travel, the National Bike Challenge website offers interesting statistics like the number of calories burned, the amount of money saved and the amount of CO2 saved. We’re one fifth of the way through the Challenge and so far 34,000 riders have traveled 3,000,000 miles together. That is 7 trips around the moon. We’ve burned 245,000,000 calories, saved $1.9 Million and saved 3 Million pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere.

If you would like to participate, register at When you enroll, you will automatically be added to your Local Community challenge, if your community is hosting a local one.

Go ahead and join the National Bike Challenge! You know you want to!

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