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Fort Bend Tea invites citizens to attend Nullification Rally in Austin

Fort Bend (Sugar Land) Tea Partiers
Fort Bend (Sugar Land) Tea Partiers
Fort Bend Tea


  • Jon Roland 6 years ago

    Beware of this talk about nullification by just having the state legislature pass a statute declaring a federal statute null and void. That is snake oil, an obvious attempt to disrupt and distract this movement, probably by agents of our enemies.

    There is no constitutional authority to do that. The most that a state leislature could do would be to call for citizens to voluntarily refuse to cooperate with federal statutes, as an act of civil disobedience. But the feds don't need cooperation. They have their own resources and can proceed without it.

    The mythology comes with the labeling of the proposal "nullification", which sounds like some kind of magic spell to uneducated laypersons. It is overselling a method of protest that has value but is not magic.

    "Nullification" is not some kind of simple act of repeal. It is relentless resistance to official action by so many people over a sustained period of time that officials become discouraged and abandon the effort.

    Consider s

  • Samuel Adams 6 years ago

    The above commentor is totally wrong. Please, pull out your copy of the Constitution, (remember to read the Declaration of Independence for the proper context), and read the part in the 9th & 10 Amendments, very carefully.

    All powers NOT DELEGATED, ENUMERATED (SPECIFIED), to the Federal Government, by the states, are reserved to the states or the peoople, respectively. This is so simple a 3rd grader could understndd. The only ones unable to are either those who love their Federal slavery or their big perks working for the Fed Gov.

    Every right we don't study & exercise and defend, we lose !

  • Samuel Adams 6 years ago

    For a a great interview on Nullification :

    In the body of the story above, see the "big Jolly" interview - it's super !

    It's a totally valid Principle. Just unknown today.

    Not surprising, most Americans went to 'government schools' , and what 'government school' is good at teaching about checks and balances that can be used by citizens to limit government power ?

    I say that, and not 'public schools' because due to teachers unions and federal gov't interference, most have lost all local input, and thus reflect the corrupt worldview that leftist 'government supremacists' want you to think:

    Forget Trust in the LORD: give your life to the 'Almighty State' and you will be saved. All you have to be is be an unthinking dolt, a rote 'believer' and all will be well.

    Wow think on that. Isn't that the way most churches teach their folks to pretty much just sit down, shut up & let us define the Bible for you !

    Lesson: collectivism & group think rule the day !

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