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Fort Bend County Animal Shelter euthanizes two dogs by mistake: Owner devastated

Jake and Jaxx escaped from their home on Saturday. By Monday both dogs had been euthanized at the county shelter.
Short Mugs Rescue Squad

Two dogs who were mistakenly euthanized on Monday at the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter in Texas have now been identified as Jake and Jaxx who accidentally got loose from their home on Saturday reported Short Mugs Rescue Squad on Tuesday evening.

According to the group's Facebook page, the dogs' owners stated the shelter was closed over the weekend, and they did not have the chance to call until Tuesday. The owner is devastated and currently considering legal action.

The male French bulldog and an American pit bull mix were euthanized on Monday after only being there for a short time. In addition, a volunteer from the Short Mugs Rescue Squad was on premises and ready to move the dogs to safety. The organization regularly rescues dogs out of the shelter.

The states the assistant director of the shelter, Rene Vasquez, admitted the dogs should have been kept for three days before being euthanized. Vasquez stated:

"There was a mistake made and protocol was not followed, obviously. If they come in as an owner turn-in and we are full, we have the option of euthanizing them, but we do try to work with local rescue groups whenever we can."

Neither dog had identification tags or microchips.

Vasquez stated there would be an investigation and action would be taken for those responsible for the mistake.

Meanwhile two family pets are dead. Rest in peace Jake and Jaxx.

Please have your pets micro chipped. It could very well save their lives one day.

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