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Forsaken Dog Needs New Home

I was left behind, please give me a home.
Sheree L. Ciao/Roberta

His name is Cuddles, loved to sleep and cuddle with his owners, but after eight years, they no longer want him. Usually a happy, healthy playful dog, Cuddles is now quiet and missing the family who left him behind. He's currently with another family member, but only for a short time. She can't offer him a forever home.

He is eight years old, neutered, and is current on all his shots. Gets along great with other dogs and kids, and needs someone who will love him again and commit to giving him a home forever.

Every day, hundreds of dogs and cats are dropped off to shelters, dumped, or simply left behind because the owner no longer has the time for them. When people adopt a pet, they should keep in mind that it's a commitment, just like a marriage - you're in it for the long haul. Dogs and cats know when they're given up on or left behind, studies have shown that they suffer from a broken heart and depression - just visit a local shelter and walk by all the lonely, sad faces.

When the economy crashed a few years ago, thousands of Nevadans lost their jobs and homes, and in the crisis, shelters in the Las Vegas area were overflowing with rescued and abandoned animals. They were the innocent victims in the financial meltdown. Today, thanks to the many animal loving people of Southern Nevada, many cats and dogs have found new homes, but there are still so many that need a second chance, like Cuddles. His time is almost up, so spread the word and help save this loving little guy.

Contact me if interested a.s.a.p., or if you live in the Las Vegas area, and would like to meet Cuddles, email me at:

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