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Formula For Happiness

Turn the Channel
Turn the Channel
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“The condition of our outer world is always the perfect outpicturing of our inner world. If we do not like the picture we see, we can change it.”……Margaret Ponders

Happiness=Reality Divided By Expectations

One’s perspective creates one’s reality

I find the two above axioms very enlightening and I use them often when counseling others. We do have control of our lives and these are two examples of that.

We can change our level of happiness by simple adjusting, re-stating, our expectations, or changing our perspective (“A Look From Perspective Mountain” at, which alters one’s reality. Both are factors in determining our happiness. These can be applied in any situation. For example, starting a new job? Dreams of a mega-buck salary from it abound. You see it as a job that will last a lifetime. Both are high expectations. Are they likely to be realized? Maybe, but nothing is guaranteed. Having high aspirations is a great incentive to excel at what you are doing. But those expectations need to be realistic or frustration will quickly set in as you fall short of those lofty goals consistently.

At the same time, how you view yourself and the new job affects your level of happiness. It may be the most mundane, lowest paying job in the company, but, if you view it as a job that holds a mega corporation together, that one bedroom apartment you can afford on your minimum wage salary is furnished by your treasures, things that are important to you, that you feel comfortable and happy with in your castle.

While watching television, if we do not like the show that is on we turn the channel, often “surfing” until we find something to our liking or catches our interest. While living our daily life we encounter many things we do not like or that are not of interest. We can either redirect our attention or take a different look at it.

You don’t have to be a math geek to utilize the two equations. You don’t have to be master of the remote control to change the picture, Your picture, Your life. Change the picture to one rated “HAPPY”!

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