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Formula 1: 2014 Monaco Grand Prix press conf driver quotes, TV schedule

Formula 1: 2014 Monaco Grand Prix press conf driver quotes, TV schedule
Formula 1: 2014 Monaco Grand Prix press conf driver quotes, TV schedule
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Ahead of the 2014 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, several F1 drivers participated in a press conference on Wednesday, May 21, in Monte Carlo. According to Formula 1, Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, who won this race in 2013 and is currently running second in the 2014 drivers' championship to teammate Lewis Hamilton, does not plan to change his approach in the all-important qualifying phase in Monte Carlo.

Formula 1: 2014 Monaco Grand Prix press conf driver quotes, TV schedule
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has had four pole positions in five races so far this season -- his teammate Nico Rosberg was asked if he would change his strategy for Monaco as a result. He responded: "No. Of course three of those qualifyings were in the wet; in the dry it's 1-1 and it's supposed to be dry on Saturday so I'm confident I can make it happen so I'm not changing my approach or anything."

Asked about his win in Monaco last year and what it does for a Formula 1 driver and his confidence, Rosberg replied, "For me personally it was a very, very special experience, because it's my home, it's where I've grown up. My whole life has been centered around Monaco. So to win here, yeah it was great. And not only that but also it's the race to win. It's the most challenging race to win and the most prestigious race to win, so really that was awesome."

Followers of F1 this season know team Mercedes is dominating the field in both the drivers' and constructors' championships; however, the battle between the two drivers continues. Rosberg answered a question about the closeness of their competition, "I expect it to continue like that. Of course now he's had the result rhythm in a couple of races but it's been very close. I just need a tiny bit to turn it around. I'll start with trying to do that here in Monaco."

With the passing of three-time World Champion F1 driver Sir Jack Brabham this week, 2007 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen, who was the only former champion at Wednesday's press conference, was asked his thoughts. He commented: "Obviously I read and I was so sad to hear that he had passed away. Obviously these days are different than the days that they used to race and they could do different categories, different races. It would be very nice if they would be able to do different things at the same time and different races and try different things more. But the problem is everything gets so much more expensive these days and obviously people are more scared that you get hurt that they try to limit everything that you do. It's a shame because I think it would be more fun for everybody and all sports would also benefit from it, and F1. It would be nice to do stuff like they did."

The 2014 Monaco Grand Prix takes place on Sunday, May 25. Below is the TV schedule for viewers who will watch via NBC and its properties. Note that the race itself will be broadcast on NBC (not NBCSN) live Sunday morning.

Thursday, May 22:

8:00 a.m. ET -- Practice 2 -- NBCSN -- LIVE.

Saturday, May 24:

8:00 a.m. ET -- Qualifying -- NBCSN -- LIVE.

Sunday, May 25:

7:00 a.m. ET -- F1 Countdown (pre-race show) -- NBCSN -- LIVE.

*7:30 a.m. ET -- Monaco Grand Prix RACE -- NBC -- LIVE.

Going into the Monaco Grand Prix, according to Formula 1, British driver Lewis Hamilton leads the drivers' championship with 100 points and four wins; his teammate Nico Rosberg is second with 97 points and one win. Mercedes devours the other teams in constructor points with 197 points. The next closest is Red Bull with 84.