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Former ‘Y&R’ EP Maria Bell speaks candidly about Michael Muhney

Maria Bell with Eric Braeden (Victor, 'Y&R')
Photo by Mark Davis

Adding even more fuel to a smoking fire, former ‘Young and Restless’ Executive Producer Maria Arena Bell spoke candidly with Highlight Hollywood regarding ousted actor Michael Muhney (ex Adam).

The former EP had previously spoken to Soap Opera Digest regarding the dismissal of Muhney when she said the actor ‘… brought amazing dimension and complexity to the role of Adam Newman, and his and Sharon’s (Sharon Case) was a great dark love story. Sadly, that story was seriously derailed in the last year, so I am not surprised that the show would look for a solution to their problematic storytelling decisions. It will be a tough role to recast.’

Bell later spoke with Highlight Hollywood journalist Tommy Garrett to shed light on her above comment.

“Let me be clear…. I am a fan of Michael Muhney the actor- not the person. Frankly he should have been let go months before because of his behind the scenes actions. It’s still a loss for the fans. Instead of acting quickly they tried to turn the fans against the character of Adam. Bad move. And they should not recast right away now. It’s too damaged. The only thing that matters in this story -now in TMZ is that a young girl is protected. She should have been all along. People should have been more decisive not less in this matter,’ Bell told Highlight Hollywood.

Bell also stressed that the alleged harassment situation should have been taken care of quicker than it was.

‘…Whatever happened, they need to protect the safety of the cast,’ Bell told Garrett.

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