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Former ‘Y&R’ actress Victoria Rowell quietly ends marriage to Radcliffe Bailey

Former ‘Y&R’ actress Victoria Rowell quietly ends marriage to Radcliffe Bailey
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Victoria Rowell, who portrayed Drucilla Barber Winters on “The Young and the Restless”, has quietly ended her four year marriage to collage artist and sculptor Radcliffe Bailey. The couple married in a ceremony at a church in Dublin, N.H. in 2009.

Rowell and Bailey have no children and TMZ reported on Jan. 2 that the couple has an unusual clause in their prenuptial agreement. According to the divorce settlement between Victoria Rowell and Radcliffe Bailey “each agrees that he or she shall not in any manner disturb, bother, harass or otherwise interfere with the other party.” According to TMZ, the prenuptial agreement provides that there is no money at stake for either party.

Rowell made her debut as Drucilla Barber on the CBS soap opera “The Young and the Restless” in 1990, leaving the show in 1998. The actress enjoyed a brief return to the popular soap in 2000 and then returned on a regular basis in 2002, exiting permanently in 2007.

Victoria Rowell has been married to Tom Fahey, with whom she has a daughter, Maya. Following her divorce from Fahey after only one year of marriage, Rowell had a long-term relationship with musician Wynton Marsalis. The couple shares a son, Jasper, who portrayed Rowell’s son CJ on “Diagnosis: Murder.”

Victoria Rowell has been an advocate for the foster care system, founding the “Rowell Foster Children Positive Plan.” Rowell grew up in the foster care system and several of her foster mothers were present at her wedding to Radcliffe Bailey.

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