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Former WWE superstar says he is now a successful gigolo

Former WCW and WWE superstar Buff Bagwell has a new occupation. According to TMZ on March 5, Bagwell says that he is now a successful gigolo.

WWE star Buff Bagwell now working as a gigolo

Buff Bagwell made his WCW debut back in the late 80s when he appeared as Marcus Alexander Bagwell, a well built young star who looked like he might have a bright future ahead of him. Over the years, he shed his golden boy persona and soon became an arrogant heel and a main event talent in WCW.

He eliminated his ring name and just went by the name Buff Bagwell, often sporting a top hat that had his face spray painted on it. He also became a long standing member of the nWo, the biggest faction in professional wrestling history. At the end of WCW, Bagwell was working with his ally Scott Steiner as one of the top heels in the company.

When the WWE purchased WCW, they brought in a limited number of WCW wrestlers to work an invasion angle and the first match on WWE television between two WCW wrestlers was Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell, a match the fans booed out of the building. It was the end of the road for Bagwell.

Now, he has a new calling. Bagwell appeared on the Showtime series "Gigolos" and he said he is not just acting for the cameras. He told TMZ that he works for Cowboys4Angels and provides "escorts" for companionship. The charges range from $800 for two hours to $25,000 for a full week with him.

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