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Former WWE star prison sentence: Buck Zumhofe gets 25 years for sex crimes

Former WWE star sentenced to 25 years in prison
Photo Credit: Mug Shot, Public Records

Former WWE star Buck Zumhofe has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. The judge sentenced the former wrestler for four felony counts of criminal sexual conduct on Thursday. According to PWS on Friday, there were 12 charges against Buck Zumhofe and the four guilty counts will see him in prison for 310 months.

When Zumhofe was originally found guilty back in March, he tried to run from the court room and had more charges filed against him for that. The prosecuting attorney asked the judge to double the sentence since Zumhofe had been found guilty before for sexual misconduct as well as for the pain and suffering he inflected on the victim and family. The judge declined the request. For the charges of trying to escape, another four to 10 years might be added.

At the age of 68, there is a good chance that Buck Zumhofe could die in prison. The charges against Zumhofe were for sexually molesting a relative for 12 years. The assaults began when the girl was only 15 years old. The victim claims that she was molested at least 1,800 times, often more than once a day through the 12 years.

Buck “Rock and Roll” Zumhofe wrestled predominantly in the AWA in the Minnesota area. His gimmick was to bring a boom box to the ring with him. He had two memorable moments as a WWE star. He was the first person that Triple H beat when the future WWE executive first debuted as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Zumhofe also holds the distinction of being the first person that The Undertaker ever put in a body bag when he was using that gimmick.

Zumhofe had troubles in the past. Zumhofe was arrested in 1986 for sexual misconduct involving a minor. That gave him jail time and he signed with the WWE after this event took place. Over time, wrestling promotions stopped booking him when his criminal past was discovered. Most recently, he was promoting his own independent promotion.

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