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Former WWE star Kamala claims racism, sexual abuse from Vince McMahon

Former WWE superstar Kamala has made strong claims about Vince McMahon.
Former WWE superstar Kamala has made strong claims about Vince McMahon.

Former WWE superstar Kamala, real name Jim Harris, has gone through some tough times in his life and more serious over the past few years. He was forced to retire back in 2011 due to having to have both legs amputated from diabetes. WrestleZone reported on Feb. 23, 2014, that Kamala did an interview in which he revealed a lot more and that includes racism and sexual abuse in WWE.

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Kamala began wrestling way back in 1978 and officially retired in 2011 after his double-leg amputation. In the interview he did with Voice of Choice Bruce Wirt and Nemar Wells, Kamala spoke of his time in WWE, sexual abuse, Vince McMahon,, racism, and how he never wanted to be a wrestler.

First of all, Kamala stated that in becoming a wrestler, he really didn't want to ever do it.

“I didn’t really want to be a wrestler. I liked watching wrestling and I couldn’t really find a (real) job. I was with Bobo Brazil and he started training me. I thought it would be a quick way to make some money, get wealthy, and get right back out of it. I never wanted to be a wrestler. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t be a wrestler.”

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Throughout the course of the interview, Kamala spoke on being a black man in the WWE and that there was actually a lot of racism in the company.

“In Summerslam 92, I had one of my biggest matches against the Undertaker. He made a half million dollars and I made 13 (thousand). There was a lot of racism in the WWE. I remember so many times when I was there, I would get there early and find me a nice dressing room; the agents would (kick me out and) let (the white stars) have the dressing room. When I went out to the ring, I was a superstar; backstage I was a nothing.”

Perhaps some of the most shocking things that Kamala said were about Vince McMahon:

Vince McMahon has certain people that he will pay. If you get along with Vince, do him sexual favors, you’ll get along good with him. But if you just (do your job and) mind your own business, then he doesn’t like you for some reason. There was a lot of men with men in those days and even men with boys. I know a lot of guys that (failed drug tests) and it was documented that they passed, and I know what they did.”

Kamala certainly had some strong things to say and the claims of McMahon getting sexual favors and men having sex with boys could certainly draw some attention.

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There were some good things in the interview though. Kamala stated that he didn't initially like working with Andre the Giant, but that ended once he gave him a good beating. He truly did like working with both Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker though, and still respects them to this day.

Kamala went on to say that he no longer watches wrestling because it "brings back bad memories." According to the things he revealed, this comes as no real surprise.

It's going to be interesting to see if there is any response by WWE or if Vince McMahon even acknowledges Kamala's comments at all.

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