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Former WWE star denied request to delay molestation trial

Former WWE wrestler on trial for molestation

Former WWE, AWA and World Class Wrestling star Buck "Rock n Roll" Zumhofe has been charged with 12 felony counts of molestation and is facing trial for the charges. According to PWS on Feb. 21, a judge just denied Zumhofe's request for a delay in the trial so he could find more witnesses for his defense.

At the age of 35, Zumhofe spent time in jail in 1986 for sexual misconduct with a minor. Hen then spent 36 months in prison in 1989 after a jury convicted him of fourth degree sexual conduct with a minor. The new charges include 12 felony accounts of criminal sexual misconduct for allegedly abusing a female relative from 1999 through 2011. The woman was 15 in 1999 and the charges indicate that there were close to 1,800 separate acts of sexual abuse, including some instances where he allegedly molested her two to three times per day.

Zumhofe plead not guilty to the charges and placed a $50,000 conditional bail. The trial is set to start in March.

Zumhofe was a pretty big star in the '80s in the AWA, a promotion that was considered one of the Big 3 alongside the WWE and NWA. He wrestled as a light heavyweight and had a gimmick where he brought a boombox to the ring with him. He also wrestled in WCCW, the home of the Von Erich family along the same time.

Buck Zumhofe made a stop in the WWE in under card matches. He was one of the first wrestlers to be placed in a body bag by The Undertaker and was Triple H's first opponent when he made his WWE debut. After his wrestling career, he opened his own minor wrestling promotion in the Midwest.

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