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Former WWE star Big Daddy V cremated: Ashes put in 500 pendants for loved ones

Big Daddy V's ashes are being given out to 500 loved ones.
Big Daddy V's ashes are being given out to 500 loved ones.

Nelson Frazier Jr., more commonly known as Big Daddy V or Viscera in WWE, passed away earlier this month from a massive heart attack. Since his death, many have mourned his loss and given ways to always remember him. TMZ reported on Feb. 27, 2014, that Big Daddy V's widow is going to let them remember him easily by carrying around some of his ashes.

Frazier's body was cremated this past week and Cassandra Frazier has decided to do something unique with his ashes.

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The ashes of Big Daddy V are going to be split up and put into 500 pendants and then placed on necklaces. Those 500 pieces of jewelry will then be given out to loved ones so they can always have a little bit of Frazier with them.

Until that time, Cassandra Frazier is storing her late husband's ashes in an urn at their home.

Earlier this week, Cassandra Frazier got on her Facebook page and absolutely blasted WWE for not giving their condolences to her late husband or being respectful of him. She was threatening to "tell everything I know about that loser a** company."

She ranted on for quite a while about a number of topics and finished it off by saying, "Thank U sincerely to the ones who really loved my husband and truly cares. To the rest, especially Vince McMahon, I'm gonna start telling everything I know."

As of yet, Cassandra Frazier has yet to say anything else, but it will be interesting to see if she does.

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