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Former WWE head writer Vince Russo fired from TNA Impact Wrestling

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Vince Russo had an amazing career in professional wrestling. He was one of the masterminds behind the Attitude Era in the WWE. However, when Russo left the WWE for WCW, he proved that he might have great ideas but there was something about the WWE that helped focus those ideas. He was credited with the decline of WCW and PWS reported on Thursday that TNA Impact Wrestling has fired Vince Russo after their negotiations with Spike TV started to fall apart.

Not a lot of people knew that Vince Russo was still working for TNA Impact Wrestling. Many wrestling sites speculated that Russo was still working for TNA Impact Wrestling, but Russo denied it over and over. When PWInsider reported that Russo still worked for TNA Impact Wrestling thanks to an errant email forward, Russo pretended like he was tricking the website.

However, he was lying. Russo was still working for TNA Impact Wrestling as a consultant. This did not go over well with Spike TV, who had been promised that Russo was not working for TNA Impact Wrestling at all. Spike TV did not want Russo involved because of his past controversial storylines. This also seemed to rub Great Muta the wrong way because his Wrestle-1 promotion was promised that Russo was not involved because of his controversial uses of Japanese talent in the past.

Now, with the TNA Impact Wrestling television negotiations with Spike TV breaking down, they have fired Vince Russo. The idea is that they are trying to do what they can to keep their television spot. Russo immediately denied he was fired and instead said that he chose to leave. However, PWInsider once again verified through sources that Russo was fired. Russo shot back, and said that unnamed sources were not reliable, despite unnamed sources exists in all of journalism to protect the source’s jobs. Either way, Russo is now out of professional wrestling once again.