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Former WWE and TNA star leaves professional wrestling

TNA and WWE star Matt Morgan announces he is leaving wrestling
TNA and WWE star Matt Morgan announces he is leaving wrestling
TNA Impact Wrestling

Former WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling superstar Matt Morgan has announced that he is leaving professional wrestling. According to PWS on Jan. 8, Morgan said that he is taking a job outside of wrestling so he can be around his new child more often.

At seven feet tall and 328 pounds, Morgan was one of the most intimidating big men in the sport. Unlike other larger wrestlers, he was also proportioned perfectly and had the look of a man who could be a giant star in the world of professional wrestling.

However, for some reason, he was never booked properly and usually languished in the mid-card.

In the WWE, he was one of Jim Cornette's biggest projects in the developmental system, but when he was called up, the WWE gave him a silly stuttering gimmick that made him a laughing stock instead of a monster. He didn't really amount to anything before his release.

He ended up in TNA Impact Wrestling, where they originally booked him good as a big, intimidating, powerhouse of a wrestler. However, outside of a tag team run with Hernandez, he never found much success. He was allowed more time on the mic, where he was actually pretty good, but it seemed TNA never knew what to do with him.

His final program was as someone that Hulk Hogan seemed to be working with, and he even wore Hogan's classic Wrestlemania robe from the big Andre the Giant match towards the end. Morgan finally asked for his release last year when he wife was pregnant and was granted it.

Now, Morgan says he has taken a job at a "big-time" medical device company as a regional manager. He said that they are paying him more than TNA or the WWE would be willing to, but more importantly, he can be at home to put his child to bed every night of the week and not have to be out on the road year round.

Matt Morgan did say he was not retiring though, and would still make indie appearances every so often.

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