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Former volunteer with animal rescue agency is facing 17 counts of animal cruelty

Former volunteer arrested for animal cruelty
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According to Tuesday's publication of the Macon Telegraph, a former volunteer with a Macon, Ga., animal rescue agency has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony animal cruelty and one count of second degree burglary.

On Sunday, 52-year-old Deborah Lynne Scott, a former volunteer with Macon Purrs N Paws, was arrested on a burglary charge and taken to the Bibb County Jail where she still remains. Representatives with the rescue organization learned that Scott was keeping over a dozen animals locked in an abandoned house without electricity or running water; while jailed, Scott refused to disclose the house's location.

On Tuesday, with the help of social media, the local sheriff and area fliers, volunteers with the rescue agency were finally able to track down the location of the house. Unfortunately, the animals who had been caged inside of the home without any care, were in poor condition by the time that help arrived. One cat had already died and the surviving animals were in "bad shape."

On Tuesday, Macon Purrs N Paws wrote the following post to their Facebook followers:

We have seen things today that are indescribable. All of the MPnP people at the scene are still in shock. We won't soon forget the sight or smell. I am personally haunted tonight by the sounds of the cats crying in the carriers they were trapped in.

The non-profit group also expressed their despair over the situation:

We asked for rescue help. Only CCAC stepped up. There is no way we can keep 15 cats. It is all over Facebook and in the news. Where is the help? Where is the outcry over this? Cats don't matter. They get no attention other than what you give.
I don't know what to do. We are facing so much right now. The vet bills are going to be so high. One bill was $655. CARES donation is gone. Spent and more due. I don't know how we will pay it all. Plus all have to be fixed, wormed and brought current on shots. I honestly don't know what to do.

On Wednesday, the bond for Scott for the 17 counts of animal cruelty was set at $12,500; she is also facing an addition $5,700 bond for the burglary charge.

Donations for the Macon Purrs N Paws organization can be made to:
Mail - 326 Harvest Walk
Macon, Ga. 31210

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