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Former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis to run for U.S. Senate

Virginians will remember Libertarian Robert Sarvis who garnered 6.5% of the votes in his run to be Virginia's next governor in the November, 2013 general election. On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, Sarvis announced he will run in the U.S. Senate race for November, 2014. "The Libertarian convention is Feb. 8 in Richmond, and I've recently told the Libertarian Party folks that I will be seeking their nomination," Sarvis said. He will face Democratic incumbent Mark Warner and Republicans Ed Gillespie and Shak Hill in November. Sarvis is now in the process of putting together a campaign team and website. The other current U.S. Senator from Virginia is Tim Kaine and is not up for re-election.

Sarvis was controversial during the 2013 election, as conservatives were concerned he would cost Republican Ken Cuccinelli the election, yet such fears ultimately were unwarranted as Cuccinelli lost by a much larger margin than Sarvis' 6.5% ballot count.

Sarvis said the focus of his campaign will be to keep Virginian's money within the state and to dramatically reduce the programs the federal government involves itself in. On Tuesday he said, "The federal government's doing too much, it's not doing it well, it's arguably incompetent at a lot of these thing and we're moving in the wrong direction on issue after issue." He also touched on the issue of getting on the November, 2014 general election ballot. He said, "Anybody who's not a Republican or Democrat and already on the ballot has to get 10,000 signatures of valid Virginia voters, including 400 from each congressional district. So that actually requires handing in at least 15,000, more like 17,000 to 18,000, to make sure that you actually get enough valid signatures. And it just takes a long time and a lot of resources. ... That just kind of delays the start of the true campaigning."

Sarvis is a supporter of term limits for federal and Virginia state elected officials and would vote to dramatically reduce Virginian's tax bill. He is also very strong on gun rights and freedom for individuals as well as businesses.

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