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Former UN Ambassador warns U.S. influence "slipping away"

U.S. influence waning throughout the world to Vladimir Putin's advantage
U.S. influence waning throughout the world to Vladimir Putin's advantage
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The Cold War may be heating up again, according to former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton. Speaking Tuesday on Fox News’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” Bolton warned that the Ukraine rioting and Moscow’s hands-on interference may spark a new rivalry between the United States and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Russia seeks to re-establish hegemony over Ukraine, which may spark the Russians to include other former Soviet republics if the West does not act, Bolton said.

"We have a lot riding on this, and we cannot count, as we have seen over the past year or so, on the European Union doing anything effective to stop the Russians from re-establishing their influence," the former U.N. Ambassador Bolton said.

Meanwhile, anti-government protests in Caracas, Venezuela, is being blamed by the sitting government in the post-Hugo Chavez era on the U.S. The government on Sunday demanded the expulsion of three U.S. consular officials.

Bolton warned, "Friends of the United States, friends of liberty are out there trying to prevent their government from succumbing to autocracy. And the U.S. government is effectively silent and inactive."

The Obama administration has only provided lip service thus far in the Ukraine and Venezuela situations. What more this country can do is considered to be very little, especially in far-away Ukraine.

Bolton warned, Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "man with a strategic vision and an autocratic mentality. In Obama we've got a weak, feckless, inattentive president who not only doesn't know what America's interests are, I don't think he particularly cares about American national security. He's devoted to transforming America domestically."

Not a bill of endorsement for the Obama White House.

U.S. influence is slipping all over the world, including in the Middle East. "We will pay the price of this for a long time unless people speak up," Bolton warned.

Is that message reaching the president?

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